EndoMarch 2017- Team Barbados

The Worldwide EndoMarch- Team Barbados 


Since July 2016, members of the Barbados Association of Endometriosis and P.C.O.S., planned to participate in this Worldwide event.  What started in a blog by our then President, has now come to fruition. We were officially recognized by the Worldwide EndoMarch  as part of Team Barbados for 2017!

We thank the founders of this Worldwide event and are especially eager to join our sister regional organizations- B.A.S.E. Jamaica and the Trinidad and Tobago Endometriosis Association in sharing in the regional Endometriosis advocacy and awareness movement.

Thanks to all of our supporters, sponsors and friends who joined the B.A.E.P. as part of Team Barbados on Saturday 25th March 2017, at 6 am!

We believed that was a great reason to wake early ! You and your presence made the event the success it was ! Take a look at the gallery of photos from the event.