Janelle’s Story

Shared October 22, 2016 Hi my name is Janelle Mellowes. I’m 27, I’m a bajan and I have endometriosis. I had my first surgery on 20th August 2009 on the island of Nevis. I was very nervous but I asked God to remove all my fears and that he did. The surgery was successful. The […]

Cassandra’s PCOS Story

10 years old- passed out and fell down the stairs at primary school a couple times. Extreme stomach cramps and embarrassing pool of blood was my introduction to “womanhood”. Never thought anything was “wrong” with me, in the Caribbean, heavy periods ( backpain, headaches, heavy bleeding and mood swings/ real,real miserable) are an important part […]

Barbados Association of Endometriosis and P.C.O.S. Questionnaire 2019

Description and Purpose: Endometriosis, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Uterine fibroids, Adenomyosis and Painful Periods (Primary Dysmenorrhea) are included in a class diseases or conditions called menstrual disorders.  You are invited to participate in a research survey designed to understand how symptoms of menstrual disorders impact the daily life of women living in Barbados. The survey has two primary […]