2019 Menstrual Health Impact Questionnaire

In 2019, the Barbados Association of Endometriosis and P.C.O.S. disseminated a Menstrual Health Symptom Questionnaire

The survey had two primary purposes: 1) to describe and characterize the incidence and impact of symptoms of menstrual health disorders on daily life, and 2) to estimate the direct and indirect costs of managing symptoms among women currently living in Barbados.

We wanted to updated and inform that our Paper has been accepted for a poster presentation at the next CARPHA Health Research Conference.

Thanks to the researchers and authors: Julia Mandeville BSc, MPH, Fanta Waterman PhD, MPH, Damian Best MBBS DM, MSc, MRCOG for their work!

Also thank you to our partner and supporter Soca Girls Rock! for the provision of resources to aid in the completion of this project.

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More information will be disseminated soon!