PCOS Cysters Share! -Caribbean

The Barbados Association of Endometriosis and PCOS and the PCOS Fairy Dust Foundation are joining forces again to provide a platform for women in the Caribbean who have been diagnosed with PCOS to share and learn from each other.

September is PCOS Awareness Month and during this month one of our activities will be to share first hand stories.

We strongly believe that these stories will help those who may suffer and provide some needed support to them.

Stories can bring hope, can provide information and may help some persons to evaluate signs, symptoms and treatment options available (always discuss any medical treatment with your doctor).

To share your story (300 words or less), please fill out the form below. You can share this information anonymously if you so desire- just put N.A in the Name field.

This initiative is to provide a platform to our regional PCOS cysters to discuss their issues with PCOS in a respectful, constructive and meaningful way. Please note that disparaging stories as it pertains to medical professionals, treatment centres, etc will not be published.

We look forward to your submissions!