Last year, our PCOS Cyster wrote this poem about her journey with the condition. As we prepare for PCOS awareness month, in September, we invite you to take a read!

It’s Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Month – PCOS Awareness,
So Cysters will be educating and believe it will be Shameless!
So if menstruation and such processes make you queasy,
Then just stop reading this post cause PCOS isn’t easy.

So first understand it’s a gynaecological condition,
A hormonal imbalance affecting estrogen and progesterone.
Symptoms include growth of benign masses on our ovaries,
Referred to as: “ovarian cysts” that can develop randomly.

It can affect our weight, especially extra tummy fat,
Hair loss for some, or additional hair on face, legs and back.
See the thing to always remember is all women are unique,
So the same condition can affect several women differently.

Infertility and miscarriages are the devastating plight for some,
Low sex drive, mood swings and cravings is another woman,
And yet another will be in the hospital with a ruptured cyst.
And still another on heart medication, getting the gist?

PCOS increases risk for cancer, and is also quite an expense,
It’s a lot more than diet and exercise to manage this problem,
Medical care: ranging from surgeries to medication.
And the high protein, low fat, low carb, is no vacation.

The worst part of the journey is encountering uneducated folk.
Who will say “Stop whining” or “Looking Chubby” as a joke.
PCOS has affected me and I am stronger but I still hurt,
So if you can, just take the time to show some form of support!

You may not want to wear the ribbon or apply a teal filter,
But you might be able to help a friend find a good doctor.
Or perhaps you can reach youth and educate and empower.
One Love, One People; let’s love and take care of each other.

by Desriel Greenidge
The Rastafarian Mermaid