Dawn’s Thoughts…

“As a chronic illness sufferer, there is a period of time I experience (not sure if others do) which I like to call “the twilight zone”.

It’s the period of time between a pain/illness flare (complete with rest and medication) and when you start to resume your regular activities. It’s duration depends on the individual.

Why do I call it the twilight zone? Because it’s the time (I find) when my body is at its most exhausted state. Why is the body so exhausted? Because a chronic illness sufferer’s body has to constantly fight a disease it really shouldn’t have, and this exerts energy – without you physically doing anything. In other words, you could’ve been on bed rest for the past 5 days – you’re still exhausted due to your body fighting the illness.

Like I said, the duration of the twilight zone depends on you. Your willpower. It is my opinion that everyone should rest at least for a part of the twilight zone – ie. You shouldn’t go from heavily medicating immediately to your regular activities (just my opinion).

Today is my twilight zone.

#exhausted #bonetired #negativespoons”


Does anyone else feel like this? Let us know.